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An ideal playing field is level and made of real grass(roots). On the one hand, we hate recent campaign finance rulings entitling SuperPACs to game the system of democracy. On the other hand, we're a federally recognized SuperPAC, playing by the same rules as Karl Rove and the Koch brothers. Tell us: Do you want your name listed as a contributor? or do you prefer anonymity?
Contributions are not tax deductible.

Join The 350 PPM Society

The members of the 350 PPM Society are the core financial supporters of Climate Hawks Vote. Membership is available to any who makes a commitment to a monthly contribution of 350 parts per million (0.035%) of your estimated net worth to Climate Hawks Vote.

To join the 350 PPM Society, a person with a net worth of $100,000 pledges to contribute $35 every month; a person with a million-dollar net worth contributes $350 each month.

The Koch brothers - with a fossil-fueled net worth of $100 billion - are welcome to join with a monthly contribution of $35 million. To make a high-dollar commitment, please contact us directly at 350ppm@climatehawksvote.com.

If you are one of the millions of Americans with no net savings because of student loans or other debts, we ask only a minimum monthly contribution of $3.50 to join the Society. 

Why 350 PPM?

Climate injustice, economic inequality, and political corruption are deeply intertwined at all levels, from the personal to the global. Most of the wealthiest individuals and companies of the world have built their fortunes on carbon pollution, including the $100 billion Koch brothers and ExxonMobil. America's oil, fracking, and coal barons—and their financiers—use their wealth to influence and corrupt our democracy.

The mission of Climate Hawks Vote is to build climate justice through electoral action, restoring the voice of American citizens in our democratic process. It is important to us that our organization is funded through a process that reflects those values.

Like other organizations and political action committees, we privilege members who make outsized contributions to our mission. Unlike other organizations, we value our contributors not for your wealth but for a level of commitment consistent with your ability to give. 

In 2013, carbon dioxide levels surpassed 400 PPM for the first time in the history of the human race. We are committed to the grand project of reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide levels to 350 ppm or less in order to protect the future of human civilization. Join us and the members of the 350 PPM Society today.


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